Intimate plasty

Intimate plasty- the direction in aesthetic surgery, which allows you to eliminate congenital and acquired defects of the external genitalia.

Thousands of women suffer from complexes caused by the unaesthetic appearance of their genitals or their incorrect size. The inability to talk with someone about this problem only exacerbates the experiences of a woman who may even become locked in herself, considering herself unworthy to create a family and lead a full sexual life.

Intimate plasty will help you get rid of physical and psychological discomfort and return the joy of intimacy.


  • Assimetry of the genitals The desire to correct the shape and size of the large and small labia.
  • The presence of discomfort when wearing clothes.
  • Pain sensation in the intimate zone in the process of sexual intimacy, while playing sports.
  • Change in the size and shape of the genitals after childbirth Age changes caused by decreased skin elasticity


There are the following types of plasty of the intimate zone:

• Labioplasty. Plastic labia, correction of their shape, size, elimination of asymmetry.

• Clitoral plastic surgery.

• Vaginal surgery. Used to correct postpartum stretching and cicatricial changes in the vagina.


Patients need to undergo a full medical examination and consultation of specialists in our clinic.


  • Age to 18 years 
  • Infectious diseases of the urino-genital organs
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Systemic infectious diseases at the stage of exacerbation
  • Violation of blood clotting


After intimate plasty, the recovery is quite smooth and without complications. Within 2-3 days after the operation, observe a bed rest, which will not allow inflammation of the operated organs. Limit exercise on the body during the entire recovery period. During the rehabilitation period, it is necessary to exclude for a month exercise, lifting weights. It is necessary to avoid for two or three months a solarium, a sauna, a hot bath. For 2-3 weeks to refrain from sexual intimacy. You need to return to everyday affairs gradually.

Plasty helps to make the sex life prosperous and more harmonious, forget about physical discomfort, inconveniences, complexes during sexual intercourse, increase self-esteem in relationships.