Gluteoplasty (Plastic surgery of the buttocks) is a kind of surgical intervention with which the plastic of the buttocks is performed and includes correction of the size, volume and shape, it will make the buttocks more convex and attractive in the shortest possible time


  • The patient's desire to change the aesthetic shape and dimensions of the corresponding zone
  • Insufficient development of gluteal muscles, which can not be corrected by non-surgical methods
  • Excessive and stretched skin on the buttocks
  • Dystrophic changes or disparity in the proportions of the figure resulting from injuries or diseases


There are the following types of plasty of buttocks:

• Endoprosthetics - an increase in the buttocks with the help of implants

• Liposculpture (lipofilling of the buttocks) - an increase in the buttocks with the introduction of the patient's own adipose tissue into the gluteal region, taken from the problem areas

• Filamentlifting - the correction of the figure is carried out with the help of special threads that lift the buttocks and change their outlines


Since the operation is performed under anesthesia, patients need to undergo a full medical examination and consultation of specialists in our clinic.


After the operation, patients can not sit for a while. Also for several months it is necessary to constantly wear compression underwear, stay away from sports, to consolidate the results of the operation.

Return to the usual way of life, with all the recommendations of the surgeon can be in 15-20 days. The increase in the volume of physical activity is gradual, after 1.5-2 months you can return to normal loads. Scars after surgery, plastic buttocks, hidden in the fold between the buttocks and absolutely unnoticeable.