Lipofilling of buttocks

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Lipofilling of the buttocks is a way to increase and correct the gluteal region with the patient's own adipose tissue

Lipofilling of the buttocks is a modern method of correcting the shape of the buttocks. The operation is most commonly performed under anesthesia. Sometimes, if the amount of injected fat is small, then this operation can be performed under local anesthesia for 1.5-3 hours. The operation begins with the removal of fat from the problem areas - liposuction.


For liposuction, zones such as abdomen, sacrum, hips (the area of the breeches), the inner surface of the knees are most often used. To enlarge the buttocks with lipofilling you need to enter from 250 to 900 ml of fat on one side. To obtain 900 ml of viable fat for lipofilling, you need to take by liposuction at least 2000 ml of fatty suspension.



Fat obtained during liposuction is centrifuged and distributed into syringes. Then, using a special cannula, the prepared fat is injected into the lipofilling areas, which are marked in advance on the buttocks.


Approximately 65-70% of fat is injected into the subcutaneous fat, and the remainder of the fat into the gluteus maximus muscle.


Sometimes, in order to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to repeat the procedure several times within three to six months.


  • The patient's desire to change the aesthetic shape and dimensions of the corresponding zone
  • Insufficient development of gluteal muscles, which can not be corrected by non-surgical methods
  • Excess and stretched skin on the buttocks
  • Dystrophic changes or disparities in the proportions of a figure resulting from injuries or diseases


Patients before the operation must undergo a full medical examination and consultation of specialists in our clinic.


  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • Diabete
  • infectious diseases in the acute stage
  • bleeding disorder
  • Insufficient amount of adipose tissue for the withdrawal


Serous fluid can flow out from the puncture of the skin, where the fat was taken (liposuction) on the day of the procedure and the next day. Also in this area, slight soreness and unpleasant sensations are possible that persist for a while and pass by themselves. At the places where liposuction was performed, compression knitwear is worn.


In the gluteal region, after surgery, bruises and swelling are possible. Swelling of the tissues is held in the first few days, while they "harden" later


Part of the introduced fat can be absorbed during the next 6 months (30-50%). Light physical activity is permissible not earlier than in 3 weeks, and full-fledged sports are possible only after 1.5 months.