For foreigners

In the clinic, operations are performed to reduce the nose, reduce the wings of the nose, the plastic of the back of the nose, the plastic of the outer nose, the correction of the septum, the laser treatment of the nose (getting rid of permanent stuffiness).

One of the no less significant in our time, the field of medicine is cosmetic and plastic surgery. With the help of plastic surgery, you can change the body, restore the outer beauty and aesthetics of your body.

Each of us can feel uncomfortable about our appearance. Anxiety can arise already in adolescence, and at a mature age. The cause of the frustration is in many respects the uncertainty that arose in childhood 

and did not leave us for many years to come. Plastic surgery today is designed to save you from annoying and so long tormented problems.

The importance of attractive appearance in modern society is now CLEAR for EVERYBODY, so it is quite natural for people to try to have a young and attractive appearance.

In our clinic, with the help of plastic surgery you can:

• Change the shape of the nose

• Increase, decrease or adjust the shape of the breast.

• Fix the baggy eyelids and get rid of the so-called "bags under the eyes"

• Facelift the face and neck

• Adjust the shape in the abdomen, waist, in the zone "Galife" (liposuction, abdominoplasty)

• Change, increase the shape of the lips

• Increase the buttocks

• Correction of the shape of the ears

• Changing the shape of the large and small labia


And no less important is that the result will not make you wait long! Plastic surgery is what makes our appearance younger, giving us back what time has ruthlessly taken away from us, or giving what is not given to us at birth, adding to us self-confidence and the courage to live the way we want.

The highest level of specialists in our clinic is provided with extensive experience, constant self-improvement, the introduction of innovative methods using high-quality equipment. The desired stable result is ensured by minimal risks, speed of the procedure itself, accessibility, and also the shortest period of rehabilitation.

Unique methods for restoring body proportions (based on a combination of traditional oriental medicine and innovative Western technologies) is another feature of plastic and aesthetic surgery in Central Asia. Our clinic provides not only the highest level of medical services, but also effective rehabilitation with fixing the result, which makes it popular among the residents of the near abroad.

And the FACT is important, that in the published civil security index of the analytical company Gallup UZBEKISTAN WAS NAMED THE MOST SAFE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!

In addition, for convenience and with the desire of patients, our clinic can organize:

- Transfer from the airport to the clinic

- Accommodation in comfortable hotels near the clinic

- Organization of tour trips around the cities included in the so-called "Pearl of the East" Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva with or without a guide. Transportation to those cities can be organized using local comfortable high-speed trains.