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GYNECOLOGIST. High level certificate physician.


1972-1978. - Tashkent State Medical Institute, Faculty of Medical care

1978-1979. - Tashkent Medical Academy, clinical residency in the direction of "obstetrics-gynecology"

Specialization / Further training:

1988. - "Surgical interventions in obstetrics and gynecology"

1992. - "Problems of the state of elasticity of the walls of the vagina after repeated delivery"

1996. - "Sepsis in obstetrics and gynecology"

1999 - "Endocrinology in gynecology"

2006 - "Safe motherhood"

2008 - "Technique of conducting vaginal plasty - modern approaches"

2014 - "Actual issues of obstetrics and gynecology"

Directions of practical activity:

-problem of infertility

-inflammatory processes of female genital organs

-conservative treatment of fibroids


-front and posterior colporaphy (plastic of the vagina)

-cesarean section

-nonvaginal amputation of the uterus