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PLASTIC SURGEON. High level certificate physician


1991-1995. - 1st Tashkent State Medical Institute, Faculty of Dentistry

1995-1997 - 1st Tashkent State Medical Institute, clinical residency - department of maxillofacial surgery;

Specialization / Further training:

2009 - 2010 - primary specialization in plastic surgery and microsurgery.

Directions of practical activity:

- rejuvenating and image operations on the face - classical, as well as with the use of modern low-traumatic technologies "3DLifting" with polydioxanone sutures, changing the proportions of the face with fillers, lipofilling and;

- improvement of the shape of the mammary glands - breast enlargement with the help of implants, transplantation of own fat (liposuction and lipofilling with the use of the laser device "Asclepion"), various options for tightening and reducing breast, reconstruction of the breast with the help of own tissues (grafting) and expander technology;

 - improvement of the shape of the auricles;

 - improving the shape of the body and limbs - abdominoplasty (mini, extended, combined, combined with the plastic of hernial defects), correction of the contours of the trunk and extremities with liposuction, liposculpture;

- Post-bariatric surgery - improving the appearance of patients after massive weight loss;

- intimate plastic - improving the appearance of the intimate area of women - the plastic of large and small labia, a gradual correction of the size of the vagina and the perineal region.

- Treatment of hyperhidrosis (sweating);

- Mesotherapy;

- removal of mimic wrinkles with the help of Botox injections, Disport;

- PRP therapy .


Doctor Saydalieva N.D is distinguished by the incessant process of work on herself and the creative approach to performing any operation, regardless of its level of complexity - whether it's modeling an elegant figure or plastic of the auricles. Intuitive sense of form and tissues and well-developed surgical technique predetermine her success in solving a very complex task of improving the forms of the human body.