Plastic repair of wings and end of the nose

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The plastic repair of the wings of the nose is carried out only to improve the external shape and size of the nostrils, that is, according to aesthetic indications. The wings of the nose are a continuation of the lateral surfaces and limit the nostrils or external openings from below. Sometimes, to improve the shape of the entire nose, it is enough to do all the rhinoplasty of the nose wings in order to get a great result.


 The timing of the plasty of the nostrils depends on the amount of the intervention: as an independent operation, the correction of the nostrils takes not so much time, restorative or complete rhinoplasty - 1,5 - 2 hours. Depending on the wishes of the patient and the degree of correction, general or local anesthesia is selected. Our clinic's anesthetists professionally approach the choice of anesthesia, taking into account the age, general condition and wishes of the patient. In any case, you do not have to worry, you will not feel anything, since our anesthesiologist is one of the best.

Techniques for rhinoplasty of the nostrils can be as follows:

Reduction of the wings of the nose - for this procedure the wedge-shaped incisionson is made on the sides of the base of nose, the excess part is removed, and the edges of the wound are stitched. Sometimes, according to the indications in this place, a cut is made of an oval or crescent shape. This method allows you to not only reduce the nostrils, but also shorten the length of the wings of the nose


Narrowing of the wings of the nose - for this procedure seams are applied in the area of columella in its lower part, which then bind, narrowing the width of the wings. In order to narrow the wings of the nose, excess part of the skin is excised and cosmetic sutures are applied.



The need to adjust the straight spout occurs only if this prominent part of the face spoils the tip.

Differences from other types of operations

It would seem that it can be simpler than an easy change in the shape of the tip of the nose.

But, nevertheless, surgeons call this operation even more jewelry than other interference in the "creativity" of nature, rewarding people with wrong noses.

Before starting to correct mistakes (or consequences of injury), the surgeon must plan his actions very carefully, otherwise the patient can be upset by the completely opposite result.

Surgery - plastic repair of nose tip

The procedure lasts 2-3 hours and during this time the doctor needs to separate the soft tissues from the nasal cavity and from the bone, to give them the desired shape by means of incisions of different shapes (vertical, oval, longitudinal, at a certain angle) and already form a beautiful spout from the trimmed tissues.

The main difference from other types of surgical interventions aimed at correcting the shape of the nose, is that the procedure for improving its tip a priori can not be either standard or step-by-step.

Cartilaginous and soft tissues of each person are purely individual (they can be compared only with the notorious pattern on their fingers), so a special approach is required for each patient, unsatisfied with the shape of the tip of his nose. And here it concerns both psychological and surgical moments.


Usually, rhinoplasty of the nostrils is performed only after examination and consultation of a surgeon for the following indications:

  • Long wings that visually lengthen the whole nose.
  • Wide nostrils, because of which even with a pointed and narrow back the nose seems wide.
  • Different nostrils in size - occur as anomaly of development.
  • Treatment of nostrils, the magnitude of which is in disharmony with the size of the nose.
  • Thick-sized nostrils, the cause of which is thickening of the skin and cartilage.
  • Large wings of the nose, the size of which is increased due to the thickness of the cartilage and the size of the nostrils.
  • Flying wings received during the injury.
  • Long or broad wings of the nose are usually found in people with a certain racial affiliation, for example, in representatives of the Negroid race. In each individual case, rhinoplasty of the nostrils is carried out taking into account all changes and the form of correction, so there is no single standard for carrying out such an operation.

The task of surgeons is to remove a certain part of the wing (with a wide, large and long form), narrowing or widening the nostrils, excising excess skin and cartilages to reduce their thickness


Cosmetic seams, which are applied to the site of the incision, are removed in 6-7 days. The patient does not need to remain in the hospital after the operation. Immediately after surgery, a tampon is inserted into the nasal passages for a day, and a small band of thermoplastic (an external nasal splint) is placed on top of it.

The cosmetic defect in the form of a small scar passes through 2-3 months, gradually becoming invisible. Patients who have undergone nasal plasty surgery are not recommended in the rehabilitation period for a long time to be in the sun, perform heavy physical exercises and visit the sauna.