Filament lifting is a method of facial rejuvenation without surgical intervention. It is based on the facelift with the help of special threads that have practically no contraindications and do not provoke complications. This is a reliable and fast way to regain youth, which allows you to get immediate results and does not leave behind scars.

The mechanism of the filamentary lifting consists in the implantation of unique biologically compatible threads. They are fixed in a certain direction, so that they do not allow sagging of the skin. This technology is successfully used to tighten the skin on the face and neck.


The procedure for rejuvenating the filaments is not complicated, but takes about 30 minutes. It is carried out under local or general anesthesia. Of course, the use of general anesthesia carries a risk, but if the client wants and there are no contraindications, no one will object.


  • Lowering of the cheekbone part of the face
  • Presence of folds at the mouth
  • Presence of the second chin.
  • Saggy cheeks


There is no special preparation for this procedure, it is enough to consult a surgeon.


  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • Diabete
  • infectious diseases in the acute stage
  • bleeding disorder
  • Propensity to allergy.
  • Inflammatory processes on the face in the stage of exacerbation.


The effect of the filament lifting is immediately apparent after the procedure. Several days after tightening the skin should limit the intake of hot food and sleep on your back. Within a month, you should refrain from visiting the sauna, swimming pool and minimize the mimic loads. The filament lifting allows you to save the result for up to 1-1,5 years, despite the fact that the threads dissolve after 2 years after their implantation. In addition, when using resorbable threads, the lift can be done repeatedly.