Reduce breast

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Breast reduction (heterotypic mammoplasty) is a surgical operation, the main purpose of which is to reduce the volume of the breast and give it an aesthetically beautiful form.

For every woman to have a lush and beautiful breasts is a dream. Only here the concept of a beautiful chest everyone chooses himself. Breasts should not be small, but excessively large breasts can be one of the causes of pain in the neck and back, frequent rubbing on the shoulders, which are formed from the straps of the bra. And if women who dream of having a magnificent bust are guided by medical and aesthetic considerations, the operation to reduce too large a breast is simply a necessity. Any method of reduction mammoplasty involves solving three main tasks:

  • resection of excess tissue of the gland;
  • elimination of the omission of the nipple-areolar complex;
  • Removal of excessively overexcited skin covering the gland.

The severity of each of these cases varies from patient to patient, and only a careful analysis of each case allows the surgeon to choose the optimal method of reducing mammoplasty.

1. Method of reduction by periareolar suture. The incisions at this reduction of the breast are carried out around the nipple. When periareolar decrease in mammary glands, the possibility of breastfeeding remains. The peri-lateral suture is the least traumatic in comparison with the rest of the methods, but it is used only with a small amount of operation.

2. The method of reduction by periareolar-vertical suture. The incisions are made around the nipple and vertically. Despite the fact that such a reduction in the breast leaves minor postoperative scars, doctors recommend this method because of the short duration of the operation and the minimum probability of complications. The periareolar suture (around the areola nipple), combined with the vertical seam from the areola to the inferior fold, allows one-stage breast lift and reduction.

3. Method of reduction by an anchor seam (in the form of an inverted "T"). The incision at this breast reduction is performed around the areola, in the submammary fold and vertically. This method is used to reduce excessively large breasts with a strong degree of omission. Reduction mammoplasty with the help of an inverted T-cut allows to achieve a cardinal reduction of the breast and gives an excellent result. Reducing the size of the breast with an inverted T-cut or mock reduction is used for operations of any complexity, but it is characterized by a high level of trauma and a longer period of rehabilitation. The choice of the method of operation is determined in each case separately, which depends most on the individual characteristics of the patient.


The choice of the method of operation is determined in each case separately, which depends most on the individual characteristics of the patient.



  • heavy ptosis mammary glands, causing not only physical, but also moral discomfort;
  • complaints of pain in the thoracic and cervical spine due to the large volume of mammary glands;
  • maceration and diaper rash in the folds under the breast
  • the patient's desire to have a chest proportional to the body;
  • is very important for women - the difficulty with the selection of clothes


Patients before the operation must undergo a full medical examination and consultation of specialists in our clinic.


  • oncological disease;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system, arterial hypertension;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • Diabete
  • infectious diseases in the acute stage
  • bleeding disorder


Drainages and dressings after the procedure are removed on the second day, and the sutures are removed after two weeks, after which a patch is applied to their place, which ensures the rapid formation of the scar and makes it less noticeable. The patient can go to work in 14-20 days after bruising and swelling disappear. During the entire recovery period, it is necessary to wear compression linen and be protected from pregnancy (the hormonal splash that occurs in the body of a pregnant woman makes the result from the operation virtually invisible). Sensitivity in the nipple region for some time (1.5-3 months) will be reduced (a temporary phenomenon, after the end of the rehabilitation period it returns). After the operation, it is recommended:

  • for six months after the procedure, do not lift weights and sleep on the back;
  • You can not go to the pool, sauna or gym for three weeks.