Breast lift

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 Breast lift (mastopexy) is a surgical operation aimed at improving the shape and appearance of sagging mammary glands by moving the nipples with areola to a higher position, as well as changing the size of the areola.


The most common cosmetic problem in women is the change in the shape of the bust. The birth of a baby, lactation, sudden weight loss, hormonal, age-related changes - all this is vital. And all this negatively affects the condition of the female breast: it hangs. In such cases, restore the natural beauty of the shape of the bust can be corrected by mastopexy.


 Criteria for lowerung of mammary glands

Normally, the nipple should be at the level of the line drawn through the middle of the humerus. Breast obtention (ptosis) occurs when the nipple together with the areola (contiguous zone) is below the transitional fold (the area of the skin located under the mammary gland and passing from it to the trunk). With false ptosis, the sagging of the lower parts of the gland is combined with its decrease and the normal position of the nipple. True ptosis has several degrees:

  • I degree corresponds to the location of the nipple at the level of the submammary fold or just below it.
  • II degree - when the nipple is displaced below the fold to 3 cm.
  • III degree - if the nipple displacement is more than 3 cm and it is turned downwards.

The choice of the method of operation depends on the degree of ptosis:


Periareolar mastopexy - circular lifting is carried out at the first degree of true ptosis, false ptosis, tubular structure of glands and their small volume. The incision is made along the edge of the areola (the nipple circle), at the border of the pigmented and unpainted zones, which makes the subsequent scar almost invisible. Excess skin is excised (removed) without affecting the glandular tissue. If necessary, plastic areals can be made and implants can be installed. After reducing the edges of the wound and suturing, the breast is pulled upward and fixed in this position. The procedure allows you to get a good cosmetic result. Perhaps a violation of the sensitivity of the nipples, which is usually temporary. If in the future there is a need for lactation, the capacity for it will be preserved.


Vertical mastopexy. This breast lift is indicated for ptosis of grade II. The incision around the areola is supplemented by its extension down to the submammary fold. The operation has a technical similarity to reduction mammoplasty, but at mastopexy, the gland tissue is not removed, but only partially moved. The areola itself can be reduced. The gland is fixed in an elevated position to the fascia (connective tissue membrane) of the pectoral muscle, then the seams are applied to the skin. It may reduce the sensitivity of the nipple.



Classical mastopexy is used with a pronounced (III) degree of ptosis. Produced a T-shaped, or anchor, incision (additional horizontal dissection through the transitional fold). Excess skin is removed, tissue of the gland is remodeled, after which it takes the right shape, raised and fixed.


  • Hanging breasts that have lost their elasticity and shape;
  • patients with a breast of flat, elongated shape;
  • Patients whose nipples hang down below the mammoth fold, if not wearing a bra;
  • stretched breast skin and an elongated areola;
  • patients with asymmetric breast.


Patients before the operation must undergo a full medical examination and consultation of specialists in our clinic.


  • oncological disease;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system, arterial hypertension;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • Diabete
  • infectious diseases in the acute stage
  • bleeding disorder


The rehabilitation period after a breast lift lasts about a month. Drainages and dressings after the procedure are removed on the second day, and the sutures are removed after two weeks, after which a patch is applied to their place, which ensures the rapid formation of the scar and makes it less noticeable. Patients can go to work in 14-20 days after bruising and swelling disappear. During the entire recovery period, it is necessary to wear compression linen and be protected from pregnancy (the hormonal splash that occurs in the body of a pregnant woman makes the result from the operation virtually invisible). Sensitivity in the nipple region for some time (1.5-3 months) will be reduced (a temporary phenomenon, after the end of the rehabilitation period it returns).


After the operation, it is recommended:

  • for six months after the procedure, do not lift loads and sleep on the back;
  • You can not go to the pool, sauna or gym for three weeks.