Lipofilling of breast

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Breast lipofilling is a surgical operation, the main purpose of which is to change the shape of the breast by transplanting the patient's own adipose tissue from problem areas. As a donor, adipose tissue is used, which is taken from problem areas of the body. Most often it's the abdomen, buttocks, inner or back surface of the thigh, the area of the kneecaps, sides and back.

The operation itself consists of several stages.

The first stage - liposuction, the receipt of donor material.

The specialist chooses the most suitable area of donor's body. Then small incisions (2-5 mm) are made on the skin, a so-called cannula is inserted in them and fat is pumped out by means of a special device, which is collected in a separate container. This stage is quite harmless - the end of the cannula is rounded, which helps to avoid injury to large vessels and nerves, plus fat tissue is collected in an isolated compartment without access to air, which greatly enhances the success of the subsequent breast augmentation operation.


The second stage is the purification of the donor fatty tissue.

This is a very important stage, on which the overall outcome and health of the patient largely depends. Obtained fatty tissue needs to be thoroughly cleaned from the blood obtained during the operation of anesthetic medication and dead fat cells. To do this, the obtained fat is placed in a centrifuge, eventually all the impurities settle to the bottom, and the necessary "living" fat cells accumulate from above. They will be needed for the next stage.



The third stage is breast enlargement with own fat (directly lipofilling)

Purified fat cells are taken into a special syringe and injected into the adipose tissue of the breast.


  • small size of mammary glands;
  • asymmetry of mammary glands;
  • undergone mastectomy (removal of the breast);
  • complications after surgery with the use of silicone implants (capsular contractures, asymmetry, extrusion (displacement) of implants).


There is no special preparation for this operation, it is enough to hand over a small set of tests and consult a surgeon.


  • excessive leanness of the patient;
  • oncological disease;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system, arterial hypertension;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • Diabete
  • infectious diseases in the acute stage
  • bleeding disorder


The procedure of lipofilling of the mammary glands is minimally invasive and, as a rule, does not require a long stay of patients in the clinic. Pain after the procedure may be, but they are insignificant and effectively stopped with the use of analgesics.

There are no visible scars on the breast. In those areas where liposuction is performed, small traces (3 mm) remain of the punctures.

Already the next day after surgery, patients can return to their usual social activities, you can resume work. But within one week after the procedure, it is necessary to limit the physical activities in which the treated areas are involved:

  • hips;
  • knees;
  • buttocks;
  • stomach.


It is necessary to limit long walks and sports. Gradually, from the second week, you can expand the range of physical activity, starting from 3-4 weeks after lipofilling you can return to sports in the previous regime.

The restoration of normal physical form takes a little longer. This is due to the appearance of edema at the injection site. In rare cases, redness occurs (more often in the lower quadrants of the breast). In this case, you need to limit exposure to the sun until the hyperemia disappears, usually up to 30 days.

Within 3-6 months the result of the procedure can be variable, this is due to the presence of edema and the fact that part of the introduced tissue is utilized by the body. After this period, the volume of the breast remains stable. An important point after the procedure to maintain the desired results is weight control. It is important that the patient maintains the same weight of the body after the procedure as during the operation. Weight loss will affect the amount of fat tissue introduced into the chest.