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Epicantoplasty - an operation whose main purpose is to open the inner corner (third eyelid) of the eye.

Epicanthus closes the inner corner of the eye, making it seem small and rounded. Sometimes the epicanthus "pulls" the crease of the eyelid down, making it almost invisible.

In addition, a large wrinkle visually makes the nose appear more flat and wide, and even a slight correction of it can visually change the proportions of the nose.



Epicanthus makes the eyes distinctly ethnic and may not always be desirable.

 Example of the operation of W-shaped epicanthoplasty The method consists in removing or excising surplus skin (if it is stretched in the epicanthus), after which the incision is sewn in the form of the letter W.

The operation is often performed together with blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids or sangapuri.



The operation is performed under local anesthesia and lasts from 40 minutes to 1 hour so the recovery period proceeds easily. After the operation, the patient is monitored for 1 hour in the clinic and then discharged home.

Edema after the operation can last from several days to a week, for the reduction of which cold compresses and special ointments are used.

The sutures are removed after 7-8 days.

If all the surgeon's recommendations are followed, after 5-10 days after the operation, patients can return to their usual lifestyle.

Contrary to the existing misconception, the operation of epicanthoplasty does not lead to impaired vision.


There is no special preparation for this operation, it is enough to hand over a small set of tests and consult a surgeon


  • increased intraocular pressure
  • dry eyes
  • chronic or acute conjunctivitis
  • infectious diseases in the acute stage
  • bleeding disorder