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1993-1998 - Tashkent Medical Academy, Faculty of Dentistry

1995- 1996 - Tashkent Medical Academy, internship in the field of "therapeutic dentistry and pediatric dentistry" On the basis of the 7th City Stomatological Polyclinic

Specialization / Further training:

2001. Studied at the IACDDENTALSCHOOL school. Specialization * Therapeutic dentistry *

2002- Studied at the IACDDENTALSCHOOL school. Specialization * Orthopedics *

2013 - Specialization * General dentistry *Tashkent Physicians' Continuing Education Institute, . The highest qualification category in the field of general dentistry was conferred.

2015 - Has passed professional retraining in the State budget educational institution of the higher vocational training «Ryazan state medical university of. Acad. I.P. Pavlov "of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and he was given the qualification" Doctor in the specialty of the dentistry "," Orthopedic dentistry ".

Directions of practical activity:

Specialist in the field of treatment of teeth and periodontal tissue, endodontics, restoration of teeth, dental prosthetics, zirconium crowns, veneers, implantation, bone plastic, sinus lifting (closed, open), contour plasty, invasive cosmetology